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Administration and Faculty


Mrs. Patricia Devine - Administrator and Educator

Mrs. Devine has been educating home school students for over 15 years and has been teaching the IEW method of writing both to her own students and in the classroom setting. Passionate about literature and writing, Mrs. Devine brings this excitement into the classroom and coaches each student to perform their best.  She has been teaching high school English for several years at a local charter school.  Mrs. Devine formally competed on the Forensic Debate team at CSUN while completing her Bachelors's in Communication Studies. In addition to her skills in the classroom, Mrs. Devine has also served on the Executive Board of West Coast Classical, a non-profit organization benefiting musicians in the Antelope Valley.  She has also worked alongside her husband in running their small business for the past 23 years.


Ms. Rachelle Momeny -  Science

Rachelle Momeny obtained her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology and Education in 1999.  She has over ten years of experience in traditional classroom settings with Middle School Science students but has taught a range of ages from preschool to high school and other subjects as well.   Ms. Momeny’s creative way of connecting to the world around her means she sees education as an opportunity to help her students see and experience the world in new ways, not as a checklist of tasks to complete and facts to memorize.  

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Ms. Kelly Rorrer - Elementary/High School Educator

Teaching has long been the passion of Ms. Rorrer and she has done so since her late teens.  She began her formal teaching career in 2006 at a private institution and in 2009 became an educator for a charter school.   Having homeschooled her own five children as well as facilitating the education for multiple home school students through the charter school, Ms. Rorrer has a keen understanding of our student's needs and a determination to help prepare students for their future.  She brings a unique, exciting energy to the classroom to which students respond well. She views teaching not as an opportunity to touch and positively influence lives.  Ms. Rorrer loves her students and delights in seeing them learn, grow and thrive.

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Mrs. Evola - Educator

Mrs. Evola has been dedicated to the education of children for nearly 15 years. Many of those

years she worked in Special Education. She has a heart for educating all students as individuals

using their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. Her hands-on approach has benefited

student’s grasp of academics as well as teaching important life skills. She has worked with the

home school community for the last 4 years and has homeschooled her own children for three

of those years. She also has a love of theater as an actor, stagehand, Stage Manager, Set

Designer/Builder, Costumer, and audience member. She obtained degrees from Antelope

Valley College in both Liberal Arts & Sciences: Math and Science and Clothing & Textiles.

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Mrs. Garcia - Spanish

Buen dia! Mrs. Garcia lives in Lancaster with her husband and her five children.  She has been tutoring for Classical Conversations for four years and has homeschooled her kids during that time as well.  She loves to teach and has a passion for learning.  Maestra Garcia is a native Spanish speaker, but also has the knowledge and experience of learning the language in grade school.  She hopes to instill her love for Spanish into all of her students and looks forward to meeting you all! Hasta pronto!


Mrs. Rogers - Educator

Mrs. Rogers was homeschooled from Kindergarten-High School, so she knows and loves homeschoolers and the home school environment well.  She went on to get her Bachelor's degrees in Psychology, Music and Bible /Theology as well as her Masters degree in Global Development and Justice.  This will be her 3rd year teaching, and she teaches a little bit of everything.

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