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Education Excellence

The Devine Schoolhouse

New Classes 2021/22 School Year

Your local Charter and Independent Study Solution

We are a co-op of like-minded home school educators with a passionate commitment to excellence in education, especially for those who have chosen to home school their children.  Most of our staff have homeschooled their own children or were homeschooled themselves.  Our goal is to meet the individual educational needs of the students we serve and to instill compassion and caring in all of our endeavors.


It is our vision to create a positive educational environment where each student can receive instruction and reach their individual potential.  We provide a warm and welcoming tutoring experience where independent study students can collaborate with tutors enabling them to grow with peers on line.


We use our home school and classroom experience to provide an excellent education experience for independent study students.  We are loving and kind educators who just love teaching, especially home schooled students.


We are members of the growing community of  families who choose to home school. Each student and family is unique and we celebrate that individuality.  You will find that The Devine Schoolhouse tutoring service is here to support each student and the families that educate them.  We support all home schooling styles and seek to compliment the family's philosophy.


The Devine Schoolhouse desires to serve all of its students and to assist each student in reaching their fullest academic potential.  Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic, we will be following all local and Charter School guidelines for in-person instruction.

The Devine Schoolhouse's mission is to provide quality instruction and collaborative education opportunities, however, we are not here to take the place of the home school parent or independent study teachers. Parents are responsible for grading homework and keeping their student's records. We hope you will become part of our Schoolhouse family. 

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Our curriculum is carefully chosen by our educators.  It is always the responsibility of the student to order books and supplies from your Charter School or provide it yourself.

Dollar Bills

Tuition for tutoring and enrichment at The Devine Schoolhouse can be paid for by using funds provided by your Charter School for outside classes and curriculum.  We are currently approved vendors for several California Charter Schools in the Antelope Valley north of Los Angeles including Blue Ridge Academy, Compass & Sky Mountain Charter Schools.

If you would like us to become a vendor for your Charter School, please let us know.


Independent home school students are encouraged to attend.  Independent students will be invoiced, we accept Venmo and Zelle.

Online Education

In Person and Online Tutoring available for most subjects. Spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  We have tutoring for Language Arts K-12 including essay writing and research papers, Mathematics K-Algebra I, Science K-Biology, Social Sciences, and we are happy to work with students who are exceptional. Individual tutoring is available as schedules allow.

To register for 1-1 tutoring please call Mrs. Evola at 661-350-7549 to be assigned a tutor and to reserve your spot.

Special Needs

The educators and students at Devine Schoolhouse welcome all students and especially those who may have special educational or physical needs.  Because our tutoring is individual, we are able to modify and accommodate most needs.  We welcome those who may require an aid to assist them with learning.  Although we are not a school we do respect FERPA requirements.  We will not discuss your students' personal information with anyone without your permission.

COVID 19 Response

Please see the tab for Covid-19 Updates Tab to see our current plan for in-person instruction.

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